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What We Do

Our competitive advantage is in how we flexibly
adapt technologies to your unique business processes.

One thing that should never be an afterthought is the digital security of your organisation. Protect your reputation and your bottom line with Securedmail’s advanced business security solutions.
Branding gives you the power to communicate and sell in one conversation with professional, secure and trackable branding in your business communications.
Cloud is where the world of business is headed. Securedmail wants to help you get there efficiently and securely with our IT solutions, designed for businesses of all sizes and descriptions.
From SMEs to enterprises, Securedmail’s mail management is the smarter way to manage email. Our feature-rich and cost-effective solutions deliver secure mail management without disrupting your existing infrastructure.
All your archiving needs are taken care of when you choose Securedmail. Our robust cloud-based service is secure, compatible across platforms and available for up to 10 years with unlimited access.
Productivity shouldn’t stop because your server is down. Our continuity solutions are developed specifically to fulfil that promise. We’re all about disaster-proofing your business’s operations.